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June Meeting

Wednesday, 06 June 2018, 3:30pm, Evanston Campus, Mudd Hall Room 2210

Anh Bui, PhD candidate, Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences

Regression and Classification with Trees in R

Regression/decision trees are regression/classification models with many advantages. In this presentation, I will introduce rpart, the most popular R package for fitting regression and decision trees. Part of this presentation will explain why regression/decision trees could be the first model to consider for many regression/classification tasks. This is also helpful for knowing what and how we can configure when constructing regression or decision trees using rpart. In addition, rpart tree outputs will be discussed with some examples.


The group will be taking a break after June for the summer, but we’ll resume in the fall. There will be multiple R workshops available over the summer. More details coming soon.


If you have ideas for meeting topics or presenters next year, or would like to take a leadership role in the group, please contact Christina Maimone.